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About us

It all began exactly one year ago, November of 2012.  My youngest daughter, Juliette and I took a very special "Mommy and me" type trip together to celebrate a very personal and special 2 year birthday!  We left a very warm and sunny south Florida  and went searching for the fall season. We went to explore a new place-- a very cold, blustery, gray and nearly deserted Nantucket Island!   We were completely enchanted!  Even though we missed Dad, her big sisters Geneviève (4 years old) and Annelise (6 years old) and our Golden Retriever, Murphy, we called often over that long weekend and began relaying some fantastic experiences and told them that if ever there was a place where mermaids really existed, it was on this magical island!

Juliette was enraptured with several visits to the downtown boutique named "Pinwheels" and I was delighted to find a place with such a warm essence and beautiful unique toys. We visited on one of the last days before the store closed for the winter season.   My three girls were delighted with the gifts we brought from this store and overcome with giddiness.  

It was my three daughters' idea to start a toy store of their own.  We don't have any similar stores that we are aware of in south Florida.   I especially wanted to prove to these little girls they can accomplish absolutely anything they set their minds to, and they have!

I later had a long conversation with the storeowner of Nantucket Toy Company and was so appreciative of his supportiveness, friendliness, and passion for his business that we are determined to start our own toy business!  We are online only for now and hope to have a brick and morter store someday soon.  We are members of the ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association).  

We spent June traveling through France and Spain for new ideas but found the importing and safety testing process to be cost prohibitive for a small store.  Therefore, I'll be going the New York City American International Toy Fair in February.  Just let us know anytime  if you have special ideas you would like us to track down for you!  We have more products coming in everyday so check back often!

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